Build a Successful Request for Proposal (RFP) for a New Shipper TMS


Design an RFP that enables you to thoroughly evaluate products and vendors and sets your business up for future growth and success.

This step-by-step guide outlines a strategic RFP framework to accomplish this task most effectively within the shortest amount of time by outlining how to:PCS - Successfully Navigate the Search for a New Shipper TMS

  • Gather key system requirements from stakeholders.
  • Create a detailed Request for Information (RFI) form.
  • Narrow the list of potential partners.
  • Deploy a best-fit system that gives your team more time to manage exceptions and digitizes routine tasks to drive cost efficiencies.

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Your Load is Our Load.

A powerful, comprehensive TMS made for shippers to streamline their supply chain management while minimizing their carbon footprint:

  • Enhanced logistics visibility – improve route optimization for viewing and comparing routes, schedules and loading models.
  • Reporting and analytics tools to help transportation planners and managers make better strategic decisions.
  • API-based integrations with most industry-standard tools, applications and telematics common to the transportation logistics functions.
  • Manage financial transactions related to transportation logistics via common carriers and private or dedicated fleets.
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